Heat Transfer

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Gasketed Plate & Frame Units with optional ARI Certification and Single and Double Wall Brazed Plate ASME Heat Exchangers are available from the world’s leader in Heat Transfer Equipment.

Bell & Gossett - Heat Transfer: Website

Low Intensity, Unitary Radiant Heaters from Roberts Gordon, the leader in gas fired radiant heating systems. Broad Range of inputs and tube lengths to fit a variety of building sizes and floor plans. Durable components help provide long equipment life. Detailed installation, commissioning, operation and service manuals to assist in reducing installation and service time.

Blackheat: Website

Storing and heating of water and liquids in plumbing and heating systems as well as industrial processes has made Cemline® an industry leader. This company has manufactured custom tanks, pressure vessels, packaged water heaters and submerged coils since 1935.

Cemline® Corporation - Heat Transfer: Website